A piece of paper direct activities, tasks, events…

Identification, Financial, Medical, Educational, Personal, all belongings accrue; critical to a life.

Critical Life Documentation is our business…

Our digital deposit box is an intelligent, interactive vault. Military grade security protects our platform and system generated key encryption is applied to every document at rest and in flight.

We are a family focused service; each member of your family and an executor of your affairs have their own secure box.  The system is intelligent and can allow interaction between the family members based on security of an item.  Our family model optimizes organization of your life to get things done! 

A profile wizard begins at user log-in; the system tailor’s questions for the user based on their data and responses to adapt the activities to your need. Checklists become more and more optimal over time as users work through repeatable events, and you can customize or create your own, too.  From checklists, tasks for everyday items that occur daily, monthly, annually, and over decades are delivered in a text format or email so that you never miss a renewal, special event, or deadline. Events are preorganized and preloaded just as you need it so that complicated processes and form fill are made easy.  Of course, data input in one activity prepopulates fields in the next action to simplify tasks, and eliminate arduous (repeat) data entry.  Upon completion, a visual representation of the transaction is presented (ie, a form), signatures can be applied for submission and storage. 

Intelligent use of content is combined with interactive tools.  Imagine having all your resources connected.  An email that in real time can be turned into a task, which connects directly to your calendar and includes important contacts that can be assigned items to complete.  All related items in your critical life documentation repository automatically connects to the task (which you can review, add, edit and delete in this checklist) to save time, simplify the process and assure accuracy in the transaction!

An extensive database of driver’s license information for every state in the union, passport information, visas, and social security information is included in a checklist format to assist you in completing the documentation to create new and make renew easy.  Professional and health license and continuing education content for every state in the union are delivered to help both military and civilian families alike with household employment in a move or career change.

For the first time, critical life documentation is intelligently integrated and interactive. Our remind me technology keeps all data current.  History tabs allow you to see the full life cycle of an item, retrieved in convenient, organized containers. 

Paper demands action; our system organizes assignment of your paper mail and emails related to this process. Your calendar is fully integrated with related items in your repository needed to complete the task, and a checklist is compiled for this event.  Your tasks are manageable because you receive a few at a time corresponding to a preset deadline calculator to complete.  Your final review, and signature are the last thing to do before you submit and store for the next time you need it…

Imagine this platform customized for banking, event retailing, medical order processing, and activities for both military and civilian family life….